Create a nice atmosphere at your home with lights and natural oils

As many of you may already know (because I doubt that anyone who does not know me will read my blog), I am single. This means that I am still out and about in the dating world.

I am also a strong proponent of good and strong lighting, so that we can see well and be productive. However, having really strong lights, also means that you cannot create a relaxed atmosphere when you have people over and you really do not want your home to be lit like an office.

To solve this problem, I wanted to buy some lights that I am able to program, dim and that can change colors. While doing so, I also thought of buying a diffuser so that I will be able to have the smell of natural oils at my place, after I return tired from work.

If you want something similar here are my suggestions:

The basis to get these lights. Includes base and three dimmable lamps that can change colors

A simple white lamp that you can dim, for rooms like the kitchen where you do not really need colors (most of the time?)

A light-stripe that can change colors and that you can dim. It's a bit of an extra expense but #treatyoself #yolo etc. I know, you hate me for saying #yolo. But it's one of the wisest things this decade has produced.

A wireless switch that turn lights on/off as well as dim them. For when you do not want to use your smartphone. Can have 4 preset programs depending on how many times you tap on the on button.

A very nice diffuser that can take up to 300ml of water (lots of hours). Can change colors and has an off timer. Really good!

If you are going to buy the above diffuser, you will need a good collection of natural oils. I found that this collection has 14 different aromas at a very fair price.

If you buy all of the above, it's party time. Therefore you will probably need some party cups, just like the ones Beyoncé has in her 7/11 video.


How to pack light for the gym

I am not really a gym person. I try to go often, but it's not my passion for sure. Therefore, I always try to devise strategies that will make it easier and more efficient for me to go to the gym and get the most out of it.

While I have managed to do that with the things I pack for the gym, I haven't managed to do the same with my routine. Totally #peinlich! I mean, there is a pretty good personal reason why I don't go crazy with gym exercises, but that's just also another excuse.

I always think that people think long and hard before they pack their gym back, but I've also noticed that many people will have huge, heavy bags, which is something that I would not do. The main reason is that I do not like to carry a lot of weight and volume with me throughout the day.

A second thing I am trying to achieve, it to reduce wastage and effort. So to minimize laundry and packing/unpacking.

My shoe size is 46, so for me to carry around sports shoes is a big deal because of the room they require. Further, I do not like doing housework aka laundry nor do I want to have a lot of sports clothes at home to save space. Eventually, I could just be more relaxed about things and just buy more sports clothes and carry a bigger sports bag, but that's a discussion for another post.

Further, the gym I go to, requires the members to bring their own lock. Which is ok. It's a budget gym (but a really good one!). I do not like carrying things with me in the gym or the showers, so I decided I'd invest in a good lock with a combination. At first I wanted one with a fingerprint reader but I did not find anything I had liked.

Right now, I can fit all my sports items in one small and light bag. This is very convenient because I can carry the bag to work and take it with me after work, without having to make a big effort.

I am sure you are very curious about what I am packing in my gym bag, so here it is:

My "cool" shoes. I know, they look weird but they are actually comfortable, light and do not take up a lot of space

Protein shake
My protein-shake mixer with an extra 3 containers so I can prepare my protein 2 days in advance

My gloves so that my hands remain soft and princess-like

And possibly my favorite, my combination lock (without silly numbers). It's a bit big, but it fits and it's light.


Travelling in the Netherlands

Post soundtrack

I tried to travel as much as possible when I was a student in the Netherlands. With the help of my Dutch friends, I managed to visit some of the best places available.


The Netherlands is a country known for tulips among other things. The tulip heaven in the Netherlands is called Keukenhof. It is a huge park filled with beautifully places flowers and maybe hundreds of different kinds of tulips. I visited Keukenhof in 2013 during Spring and it was one of the best experiences I had in the Netherlands.

Plain text does not cover the beauty of what you will see if you go there, so check out the photos I took while I was there in my public gallery.


If you like monkeys and apes Apenheul is the place for you. You will be many different kinds of species and in some cases have little monkeys climb on top of you. I wasn't that excited by it but my friends really liked it.

De Efteling

Most Dutch children visit De Efteling at least once in their lives. Therefore, our Dutch friends thought we should also experience it in order to immerse ourselves in the culture faster. A great day out and if you're lucky you might catch a promotion to get a cheaper ticket  (we got ours from the supermarket Albert Heijn when there was a promotion).

Duinrell + Tikibad

Duinrel is amazing (free entry with Rotterdampas in 2013) and you can also visit Tikibad by buying an extra ticket.

Which places have you visited in the Netherlands?